PB65 Soil Sealant


Soil Sealant

Proseal is an environment friendly water-based product that is significantly easy to apply by just spraying soil surface using a spray pump. Derived from recycled tyre materials, Proseal is a green technology that protects your soil road while protecting the environment. PB-65 is only applicable on stabilized soil surfaces. However, the unstable road can be stabilized through various means like laterite, gravel, sand, cement or lime.


The Function:

  • Sealing stabilized soil / gravel road to provide dust & mud free environment.
  • Protects soil surface from erosion, wear and tear.
  • Prevents water to penetrate into soil.
  • Keeps soil road constantly dry, consistently maintaining its strength even under heavy downpour.
  • Making soil road no longer slippery and thus a safer drive.
  • Providing a smooth ride, faster and safer travel and reducing of wear and tear on vehicles thus reducing transportation cost and improves productivity.
  • Being a binder on soil surface to provide a dust free soil road during dry seasons.
  • Used for maintenance by sealing patched areas for a long lasting road.

PB-65 is easy to penetrate through soil and is particularly fast in setting, a good binder to hold any soil surface.

Seal stabilized soil surface using PB-65 SOIL SEALANT (repeat from process NO.2 for double layer)

1 Curing & Compacting
2 Spreading Chippings
3 Rolling
4 Spraying PB-65


Soil sealed with Proseal can effectively prevent water penetration compared to unsealed roads.


The non-water soluble layer of protection keeps the road dry. Test results show that the strength of the road is maintained even on heavy downpour.


Rainwater and traffic can cause erosion of ± 75 mm per year without sealing. Proseal on the other hand prevents erosion, saving cost on resurfacing while protect the environment.


The protective layer of Proseal virtually turns the soil road into a dust-free environment.

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