R-437A; A1 Safety Classification.

ISCEON® MO49Plus™ has an ASHRAE safety classification of A1 and is non-flammable as formulated and under leakage scenarios as specified in ASHRAE Standard 34-2007. Refer to the Safety of DuPont Refrigerants bulletin and the MSDS for details.


ISCEON® MO49Plus™ replaces R-12, HCFC-containing blends (e.g., MP39, MP66, and R-409A), and ISCEON® MO49 (R-413A).


Automotive AC systems designed for R-12
Refrigeration systems designed for R-12, including:
Food service
Supermarket display cases
Food storage and processing
Domestic refrigerators/freezers

Provides cost-effective retrofits
Replaces R-12, and HCFC-containing blends such as MP39, MP66, and R-409A
Replaces ISCEON® MO49 (R-413A)
Non-ozone-depleting HFC retrofit refrigerant
Not subject to phaseout under the Montreal Protocol
Compatible with traditional lubricants
In most cases, no change of lubricant type is needed
Enables continued use of existing equipment


Provides similar to slightly lower efficiency vs. R-12
Provides lower discharge temperature vs. R-12

Phaseout Schedule

ISCEON® MO49Plus™ is a non-ozone-depleting substance (ODS) and, therefore, is not subject to phaseout under the Montreal Protocol regulations.

Lubricant Recommendation

In automotive air-conditioning and stationary refrigeration systems, ISCEON® MO49Plus™ is compatible with traditional and new lubricants. In most cases, no change of lubricant type during retrofit is needed. Refer to the ISCEON® MO49Plus™ Retrofit Guidelines (for Stationary Refrigeration or Automotive AC) for details.

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