Product List

Our typical regular refinery, petrochemical, industrial gas & oil field equipment supply includes but is not limited to the following:

·‘O’ Rings




·Gaskets and Gasket Material

·Pulsation Dampeners

·AC Parts and Refrigeration

·Gate Valves - High and Low Pressure

·Pulsation Dampners Parts

·Accumulators and Parts

·Gate Valves Parts

·Pump Couplings



·Pump Parts


·Gear Box

·Pumping Tees

·Air Clutches

·Generators DC

·Pup Joints

·Air Compressors


·PVC Pipe and Accessories

·Air Seal Unions and Tubes


·Quick Connectors

·Air Tools


·Quick Couplers


·Hammer Unions and Parts

·Quick Coupling


·Hand and Power Tools

·Quick-Disconnect Fittings

·B.O.P. Hose

·Hand Cleaners

·Radial Ball Bearing


·Hand Tools


·Ball Valves - High and Low Pressure

·Handling Tools


·Banding Products







·Heat Exchangers






·Hole Opener






·Hose and Fittings -

·Pen - Six Recorder


·Hydraulic and Industrial

·Rig Masts

·Boats, Crew

·Hose Clamps

·Rig Parts


·Hose Products

·Rims and Traps


·Hoses and Fittings

·Ring Joint Gaskets





·Hydraulic Adapters

·Roller Chain


·Hydraulic Fittings

·Rope and Catlines

·Brake Bands and Brake Rims

·Hydraulic Hose

·Rope, Manila

·Brake Blocks and Hardware

·Hydraulic Tools



·Hydraulic Units

·Rotary Hose



·Rotary Pumps

·Brass Hose Fittings


·Rotary Table

·Bushings Accessories



·Butane Tanks


·Safety Equipment and Products

·Butane Torches


·Safety Valves

·Butt Weld Fittings and Flanges

·Industrial Hose

·Sand Separators

·Butterfly Valves



·Cable Accessories




·Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies




·Service Rigs

·Casing and Tubing


·Shale Shaker

·Cathead and Spinning chain

·Kelly Cocks

·Screens and Parts


·Kelly Drivers

·Shear Relief Valves

·Cementing Equipment

·Kelly Hoses


·Centrifugal Pumps and Parts

·Kelly Spiners

·Skimmers Slip


·Kelly Valves

·Solid Control

·Chain and Wire


·Sorbents - Oilfield and Industrial

·Chain, Roller

·Laboratory Equipment

·Spare Parts


·Level Switches


·Change Hoses

·Lifting Equipment

·Spill Control

·Chemical Pumps

·and Accessories


·Chemicals / Fluids





·Steam Traps

·Cleaning Solvents

·Logging Tools

·Storage Shelves

·Coiled Tubing



·Combination Nipples

·Machine Tools

·Strainers Strains


·Manifold Fittings

·Straub and Dia Coupling



·Stripper Rubbers


·Mast / Substructure

·Strut, Studs

·Control Panels

·Master Bushings

·Stuffing Box Packing


·Material Handling

·Subsea Equipment


·Measuring Equipment

·Sucker Rods

·Conveyor Belting


·Survival System


·Milling Tools


·Crane Parts


·Switchgear Equipment

·Crimping Tools


·Swivel Accessories

·Crown Blocks

·Motor Controller

·Swivel Joints

·Crown Works



·Cutting Tools

·Mud Agitators

·Torque Converters


·Mud Chemicals

·Triplex Pump


·Mud Buckets and Parts



·Mud Gate Valves and


·Diesel Engines

·Mud Gauges

·Tanks Fuel / Water

·Dock Fenders

·Mud Hoses


·Downhole Motors

·Mud Pump Hose

·Testers For Flash Point,

·Downhole Tools

·Mud Pumps



·Mud Saver Buckets


·Dresser Couplings

·Mud Pump Sheaves

·Thickness Gauging

·Dresser Sleeves

·Needle Valves


·Drill Bits

·Nuts and Bolts


·Drill Collars


·Tong Dies and Slip Inserts

·Drilling Fluids

·Oil Coolers


·Drilling Heads

·Oils Bulk and Container


·Drilling Jars

·O-Lets Air and Twin Disk


·Drilling Peration



·Drilling Pipes

·Orifice Fittings

·Tubular Goods

·Drilling Rigs

·Overrunning Clutches

·Turbine Gas / Steam

·Drilling Tools



·Duplex Pumps

·Paint and Accessories

·Turnback and Wireline Rollers


·Pipe Dope-Tool Joint and Drill Collar

·Turnback Rollers and Units

·Electric Actuators

·Pipe Fittings

·Ultrasonic Meters

·Electric Equipment

·Pipe Handling Equipment


·Electric Tools

·Pipe Line Pigs

·Unit Heaters

·Electrical and Lighting

·Pipe Wipers, Pipe Layer

·Vacuum Eqp


·Pipe, Pipe Fittings, and Accessories

·Valve Lubricants


·Line Pipes

·Valve Positioners

·Expansion Joints

·Plant Supplies


·Expl. Prf. Fittings

·Plug Valves

·Valves Parts

·Explo. Prf. Materials

·Polished Rod Clamps


·Fan Coils

·Polished Rod Liners

·Vibrator Hose


·Polished Rods

·Vinyl Tubing


·Power Crimpers


·Fishing Tools

·Power Tools

·Washdown Hose


·Pressure Gauges



·Pressure Measurement

·Washpipe and Washpipe Packing

·Float Equipment

·Pressure Roughness

·Water Desalination

·Float Valves and Parts

·Hardness Pressure


·Floor Mats


·Welding Equipment

·Flow Control Valves


·Welding Supplies

·Flow Indicators

·Pressure Valves


·Flow Level Analyser

·Pressure Vessles


·Flow Meters

·Propulsion Equipment


·Fluid End Expendables for Mud Pumps

·Protective Clothes

·Wire Rope

·Fluid End Modules and Accessories


·Wire Rope and Assemblies



·Wireline Guide Units

·Foot Valves


·Wireline Rollers

·Galley Equipment


·Wireline Units

·Gas Analyzer





·Worm Gear Clamps


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