Choride UPS Power System

The Chloride CP range is designed to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements in industrial environments. Each Chloride CP product is based on interchangeable sub-assemblies to allow full customization, in compliance with client’s technical specifi cation and with project documentation requirements.

The Chloride CP-60Z is the best solution, both cost
effective and environmentally friendly, to meet the
industrial requirements of a wide range of sectors,
such as:
 Oil & Gas, offshore and onshore
 Refi ning and Petrochemical industries
 Water infrastructures
 Mining
 Transportation (rail, metro, tramway)
 Energy savings - Improved effi ciency means
reduced power consumption and smaller air
conditioning system
 Project savings - Higher input power factor and
lower inrush current allow smaller upstream
transformer, switchgear and cables and reduce line
current and losses in the cables.
 Safe and easy maintenance - Segregated manual
bypass and front access to major components
improve safety and reduce MTTR
 Smart access to UPS data:
Large graphical user interface with touch screen
Embedded event logger (up to 2000 events) and
capability to export the recorded events via USB

Key Features
 Low Ripple Voltage to reduce battery stress and
optimize its lifetime
 Low inrush current < 4In (12-pulse) to not oversize
mains power supply
 SCR-based rectifi er, 6 or 12 pulses, with improved
operation to signifi cantly reduce the mains’
pollution (THDi) and the input RMS current
 Proven reliability: The unique design allows the
UPS to continuously operate at full load at 40°C
 Galvanic isolation: input and output transformers
are standard on the complete range
 Ingress protection IP42 is provided as standard to
operate in the most demanding environments
 Full compatibility with lead-acid and nickelcadmium
batteries, sealed or vented

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